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We are the innovative dental office in the center of Weiden near Grafenwoehr. Our experienced dentists and office team provides the most modern services of the professional dentistry for you. We are your dentists in Weiden – the dental office for tooth cleaning, conservative dentistry and tooth replacement.

Dr. Schmid + Dr. Ermer

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With the most modern equipment for you – from highdefinition op-mikroskope to 3D x-ray and CAD-CAM manufactured tooth replacement.

Our services at a glance

  • Tooth Cleaning
    Tooth Cleaning
    With a professional tooth cleaning you keep your teeth healthy. Our qualified prophylaxis team will thoroughly remove the bacterial biofilm, tartar and other plaque. Gently, safe and carefully. For this we use the most modern technology, e.g. Ultrasound, air flow tooth polishing and special brushes. And then? Not only do you have a clean mouthfeel, but you also have the certainty of doing good for your dental health.
    We manufacture high quality crowns and bridges using computer aided technology, the CAD-CAM method. In a digital process, we first make a dental scan. So you don´t have to bite the unpopular impression mass. Then we make the workpiece with 3-D-printing and a precision milling machine. The result is tailor-made dental fillings, crowns or bridges. Since this method is particularly efficient and time-saving, we often can adjust the denture in one treatment session.
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Root Canal Treatment
    Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is the last possibility to save a tooth. It represents another important care priority of our office. We carry out root canal treatments according to the latest scientific procedures and use state-of-the-art instruments. This is how we achieve optimum long-term success. This procedure is painless under local anesthesia.
  • Implants
    If you want to avoid removable dentures, the implant offers an excellent alternative. Because it feels like a tooth of its own and behaves like that. An implant is an artificial titanium tooth root that is anchored in the jawbone under local anesthesia and later engrafted with the bone. The insertion of an implant is especially useful if one or more teeth are missing or no teeth are present.
  • Dental Laboratory
    Dental Laboratory
    In addition to our office, our dental laboratory is located in the house. Therefore, you can discuss personal wishes for form and color design of your new teeth directly with our specialists. This saves you a lot of time and long distances. Of course, we only use proven, safe and biocompatible quality materials.
  • Veneers
    Even and straight teeth are an important beauty feature for many. For you too? Then we can help you with veneers to your best smile. With wafer-thin ceramic veneers, which are fixed gently on your teeth, minor deformities, discolored or broken teeth can be permanently corrected aesthetically. Veneers have a very long life, are very well tolerated and almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Conservative Dentistry
    Conservative Dentistry
    Our treatment concept fully relies on the preservation of your healthy tooth substance. We have modern and proven processes, durable materials and innovative technologies at our disposal. Surgical interventions and root canal treatment are just as important as knowledge of which materials are suitable for fillings, implants, crowns and inlays. Depending on the dental situation and age of the patient, we will treat you in such a way that you will benefit from the maximum treatment success for many years.
  • Tooth Replacement
    Tooth Replacement
    Sometimes teeth have to be replaced. As a modern dental office, we offer you numerous options that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and functionality. Which dentures are the best for you, however, can only be said when we know your dental situation. Gladly we take the time to advise you in detail. So that you get the dentures that are just right for you and maintain your quality of life - or even improved!
  • TMJ Treatment
    TMJ Treatment
    Do you have ear complaints? Does the temporomandibular joint hurt? Do you have a headache? All this can be caused by cracking, pressing or nocturnal crunching. The result: you risk damage the teeth, tooth substance and temporomandibular joints. With our functional diagnostics we get to the root of it and initiate appropriate therapy. It often helps to wear an individually manufactured mouthguard. Because it relieves both teeth and temporomandibular joints and muscles.
  • Pediatric Dentistry
    Pediatric Dentistry
    Children are welcome in our office, whether as a patient or in company to the parents. Right from the start, we offer optimal dental care. So that small teeth become healthy and strong. Through our empathetic and child-friendly treatment children experience the visit with us positively.


Hello! We are the team of the dental office Dr. Schmid + Dr. Ermer in Weiden near Grafenwoehr. In our dental office we focus to a fearless, relaxed and informal atmosphere during each treatment. We give you the time you need. Because a good dental treatment requires trust and your satisfaction!

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